Welcome to Earthquake Zen. ( Earthquake understanding not unfounded predictions. ) Following the October 1989 earthquake, the Public Seismic Network was formed by four of my friends and myself. We started the first BSS in 1990 and went online to the Web in 1997. It is now time to expand and include a public BLOG to help create understanding and needed timely social change by championing efforts to create earthquake awareness and earthquake preparations.

Having a 26-year history, creating change is not new to the PSN. Our overall mission has evolved over time by defending personal seismology and earthquake awareness through public classroom outreach, direct education support to teachers, developing technology intended for public use and supporting public community-based earthquake-related programs and seismic networks throughout the free world. Our members have interacted with thousands of people around the globe and provided timely information wherever it is needed. Our members operate 24-hour seismic networks, develop seismographs to be used in classrooms and partner with governmental organizations by donating their time and support when requested.

I feel it is important to state the PSN is a group of individuals interested in earthquakes and seismology and related topics. The PSN meets no more than once a year, and we have no elected officials. We also do not have a pack of official rules or information to hand out.  This BLOG is intended to expand public understand and foster social change by providing information about the socio-technical aspects of earthquakes through the use of historical perspective, photography, drawing attention to scientific research, and encourage understanding through interactive blogging.

This BLOG should and will frequently change over time. In the meantime, it will be populated with materials at hand. Each of the following sites includes information related the PSN, earthquakes and seismic technology.

Helpful URLs if all this is new to you:

PSN Redwood City where you will find an assortment of seismic related hardware and software including event data and real-time monitoring information. Also, information about the PSN mailing list and the PSN forum discussion group discussing earthquake related topics on seismographs and technology.

Redwood City, California

The PSN San Jose site contains information about seismograph construction and operation. It also contains informational links on earthquake topics and links to other PSN sites.

San Jose Public
Seismic Network Aptos, CA

The PSN Golden, Colorado contains vast amounts of information about education and science related topics, interactive educational web links and scientific related topics.

Golden, Colorado Public Seismic Network

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Photos by: Shawn Clover – San Francisco, CA 2016

This site is not a PSN site, but it is one of the best photographic sites I have seen related to the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906. A picture tells a story, and this photography site provides a window into the past and the future. The designer has combined images from 1906 and today to create the past and future concept. The images on this site cannot but help to make the point about the possible outcomes if action to prepare for a major earthquake are not taken. Be sure to take a look at this BLOG site, it is worth your time.  It is award winning work (I give it an A+ rating), and some images are available for sale.