It is time to start getting ready for the next earthquake parts 1 – 6


The following six post are a series of posts related to the topic of earthquake preparedness. It is my contention that the majority of the Bay Area population understands that we live in an area with no less than four major earthquake faults accompanied by several lesser or sub-faults, and yet they remain unaffected by the degree of danger each fault presents. One of the most significant issues is that of geological time. We live in an on-demand society, and the earth operates in cycles lasting hundreds of years. Since 1989, the Bay Area population has grown 25 percent, residential property values have doubled, and there are over one trillion dollars annually of commercial business activity. While individual family earthquake preparation and insurance penetration remains low, within the last months, the USGS has once again taken on a leadership role in communicating the importance of earthquake preparedness to our community. All we need to do is listen, head the warning and get ourselves ready for the next “Great Event.”

See post 1 – 6 “It is time to get ready” below